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    "SEAT SAVER”- is a one of a kind car seat cover, made from 100% waterproof fabric. The design was carefully crafted, to facilitate the placement and the removal of the Seat Saver from your car seat within seconds.

    The SEAT-SAVER is popular among athletes who want to keep on their car seat clean and dry at all times, especially after an outdoor exercise, the beach, or the park.


    The SEAT-SAVER contains divers characteristics needed to keep your car seat clean and dry, such as:

    • 100% Waterproof seat cover

    • Easy on/off in seconds

    • High quality fabric, durable for years

    • Compact to store

    • Dries quickly

    • Washable

    • One size


    How to use SEAT-SAVER?

    • Place the seat-head-cover on the headrest
    • Stretch the Seat-Saver and cover the seat by pulling on the cover
    • The SEAT-SAVER comes in one size and fits to cars with a standard headrest.

    Why SEAT-SAVER and not using a towel?

    • The SEAT-SAVER does not fall from the car seat while driving.

    • The SEAT-SAVER covers all the part of the car seat.

    • The SEAT-SAVER dries fast, preventing your seat from being moist or watery, caused by sweat.

    • The Seat-Saver does not absorb bad smells and is easy to washing.